Felt very relaxed and comfortable. Do not fear going to the dentist anymore!  Did not feel pain at all.”
M. Yates

“Pain free experience at the dentist”  
M. Y

“Very good and very positive”
R. Khan

“Listen to your concerns. I can trust Dr Hussein completely”
S. Burke

“My son now looks forward to going to the dentist.  Dr Fahd was very patient and understanding with him; spent a long time talking to him”   
F. K

“I was so glad that my son did not have to have treatment elsewhere. Dr Saleh managed to make him relaxed even though my son was very nervous”
S. M

“Staff were very nice, very helpful.  Made me feel at ease”
S. F

“Dr Hussein was very professional, calm and friendly.  Would recommend him to anyone who needs extraction”
L. Kerleha

“I trusted Dr Hussain.  I feel good to see him and trust him”   
E. Fernandes

I was sedated for root canal today. I am extremely nervous of needles and dentist.  I was made to feel at ease. I was explained everything in full. Excellent staff. Excellent doctor. Excellent patient care. Many Thanks”

Case Study

Performed by Dr. Najeeb Hussain

NHS Services

  • Oral surgery under local
  • Oral surgery under Sedation
  • General Dentistry under Sedation
  • Relative Analgesia